Margo Whitchurch – ROI for Doing Good

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Margo Whitchurch - ROI for Doing Good

Don’t be afraid to start small with your philanthropic ideas

Margo Whitchurch, the CFO for Allgire Construction and Allgire Foundation shares how to create a game changing impact with your business that grows the bottom line.  

Big Takeaways from Margo:

  • How to measure and communicate the intangibles of social impact beyond the bottom line
  • How to find the higher purpose of the business right where you are
  • Things to consider when starting your own foundation
  • Key steps for ensuring a successful family business transition
  • Insights on the affordable housing challenges in our community and new ways to think about addressing the issue. 

Allgire General Contractors is a 30 year old company dedicated to being the best multi-family contractor with a focus on affordable housing. AGC has established excellence in both new construction and renovation of existing projects, while committing to provide quality in everything they build. 

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