Powering San Diego – The Baker Way

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Powering San Diego - The Baker Way

Ian Lochore, the Vice President and General Manager from Baker Electric Home Energy shares the insights of becoming a perennial winner of the prestigious BBB Torch Award for Ethics in business.

Ian’s personal story of pursing meaning and impact from the work he does is both inspirational and educational.  It does not just happen.  If you want to make a difference, you must be willing to take the risks to pursue not only a product or service that makes a difference in the world, but the company with culture that delivers in a way you can believe in.

The Baker Way:  The process for how decisions get made. The Bake Way is built on four generations of leadership but owned uniquely by every individual in the company ensuring every stakeholder is considered.

Torch Awards:  Not a plaque on the wall but a coveted validation of integrity from a trusted third party that says, “they do it right.” 

Inside Scoop: The future of energy is changing.  Ian provides an expert look of what to expect and where home energy is going for all of us in San Diego.   

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