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Making Work Meaningful

The fact that the majority of individuals do not find working meaningful is an atrocity.  We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, preparing for work, and thinking about work. Work should provide the opportunity for everyone to express their unique and best selves providing joy and happiness while providing financial security.


To Use the Influence of Business to Positively Impact the Communities We Live In

Business has the greatest influence in society today. It has a responsibility to move beyond profit to positively impact the planet and people in equal measure to profit.


HOPE: To provide a process to help individuals, leaders, and teams to discover, execute, and deliver in a manner that creates not only success but significance.

INSPIRATION: Ignite the passion of the team to create the sense of urgency for the difficult journey required to do big and challenging things

PURPOSE: To align work to a greater meaning that enrolls all the stakeholders


A “High Performing Team” provides the ultimate embodiment of the principles of Jailbreak Leadership. The ability to collectively deliver on a purpose greater than the sum of its parts in a community built on trust, commitment, and capabilities.

Jailbreak Leadership

We’re all in prison. A prison we’ve been constructing for ourselves from a young age. Jailbreak Leadership is about breaking free of the invisible forces confining you from  living and leading a life of meaning and impact.


Jailbreak Leadership is all about teams. While individual development focuses on the motivation, satisfaction, and commitment of the individual, team engagement emphasizes the collaboration, synergy, and collective effort of a group of individuals working towards a common goal, accomplishing individual development as a result.

Jailbreak Leadership is for EVERY TEAM in your business or organization. It is a unique process that masterfully facilitates the connection, alignment, and commitment required to identify and implement sustainable change and unlock high performing teams.

When your team is connected to themselves and each other, aligned with clarity and focus on common goals, and committed to push towards your vision for the future, the possibilities are endless.

What would be possible if EVERY TEAM in your business passionately aligned to deliver your vision of the future?

Jeff Blanton, CEO & Founder

Purpose: “Mobilizing Possibilities”

Strengths: Strategic | Arranger | Activator | Self-Assurance | Significance

Guiding Principles: Hope | Inspiration | Purpose | Authenticity | Courageous | Trustworthy

Jeff is a master facilitator, recognized leadership consultant, author, speaker and creator of Jailbreak Leadership, a process that unlocks team performance. As a master facilitator, Jeff possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience in facilitating group collaboration, problem solving, and decision making.

Jeff is the author of two books and a popular keynote speaker. He is the host of the Conscious Curiosity SD Podcast telling the story of San Diego’s most successful purpose-driven CEOs and Founders.

Keturah Kennedy, COO & Podcast Producer

Purpose: “Connecting Dots”

Strengths: Learner | Harmony | Maximizer | Achiever | Positivity

Guiding Principles: Growth | Balance | Presence | Beauty | Community

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