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About Jeff Blanton

Jeff Blanton is a recognized leadership consultant, author, and speaker. Even after attaining monetary and professional success, Jeff came to find himself in a state of “smoldering discontent.” He could not help but notice that, as his career evolved and he was charged with accomplishing things with the help of others, they too consistently displayed a lack of engagement and satisfaction, a widespread issue throughout corporate America. Most individuals, from his perspective, seemed to be simply unfulfilled and content to trade their time for money.

This problem became the catalyst to his success. He began to make a point of engaging his teams and aligning them around a common goal whether within a company, department, or project. Today, we call this a “higher purpose.”  In addition, he sought to find a connection between a team member’s work and that which he or she was looking for personally. Although this brought about more teamwork, engagement, and winning outcomes, it did not solve Jeff’s underlying “smoldering discontent.”

Jeff knew that there had to be more. He had come to see the value in having a purpose in one’s work and set out to find his own purpose. In doing so, he learned that very few individuals actually know their foundational purpose and discovered why: it is hard. However, the great news is that, in his search, Jeff not only found his own purpose but also developed a process for helping others to find theirs as well.

This became the foundation of the Jailbreak Leadership process. When leaders are able to identify their personal purpose and align their strengths and passion around the work that they do, they begin to reach new heights. In doing so, they are then able to invite their stakeholders to share in their success through finding purpose in their work and striving towards a shared, compelling vision of the future.

Jeff spent 20 years in corporate America, including working in a leadership capacity in a successful, medical-device start-up, and has been a serial entrepreneur since 2000. He is the founder and partner of several consulting companies and a popular keynote speaker. Now, he has combined his experience with his passionate, purpose-driven approach to create Jailbreak Leadership. With it, he aims to guide leaders to “Make Work Meaningful” for all of their stakeholders, enjoy greater personal success and leave a lasting impact on their communities.

Jeff lives in San Diego with his wife and is having the time of his life, doubling down on his personal purpose through helping others to actualize their greatest possibilities and “Make Work Meaningful.”


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