Women Leaders in a Man’s World with Nicole Donnelly

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Women Leaders in a Man’s World with Nicole Donnelly

As women continue to take on a larger role as leaders in business, still well below their male counterparts, the journey has not been easy. Nicole Donnelly shares the evolution over the last 30 years as founder and leader in a male-dominated industry. Nicole is the owner of Miramar Kitchen and Bath in San Diego, founded in 1991. On this episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Nicole shares her insights and reflections on being a woman in business, the importance of a strong team and purpose-driven culture, and how being part of the BBB for over 30 years has impacted her business and leadership.

Nicole and her team at Miramar are honored to be named one of the first businesses to be BBB4Good Verified! The BBB recently launched BBB4Good to help consumers choose purpose-driven businesses that balance purpose and profit. Consumers today are making conscious choices of where to do business, and the BBB is helping empower people to choose businesses that reflect their values.

Listen today and be inspired by Nicole’s 30+ year career as a woman leading a successful, purpose-driven business.

Podcast Timestamps:

1:55 – Women’s Leadership in a Man’s World

8:17 –  Importance of Giving Back

12:15 – How to Build “TEAM CULTURE”

21:15 – The Value of the BBB Relationship

25:00 – BBB4Good – The Power of Purpose

29:50 – Optimism for the Future of San Diego

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