Sustainable Solutions with Global Impact || Meg Ferrigno

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Sustainable Solutions with Global Impact || Meg Ferrigno

In a world where capitalism and sustainability often seem at odds, Meg Ferrigno has made it her life’s work to lead from the “Middle Way” to create a lasting impact with the least amount of waste. On this week’s episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Meg shares her story of living with nomads in Tibet and the journey to founding MoonPads, a sustainable, plastic-free period product fueled by a passion to eradicate period poverty. MoonPads operates on a buy-one, give-one model, embodying Meg’s commitment to creating positive change.

MoonPads is a Social Benefit Company, a certified B Corporation, and a part of Naturally San Diego. Meg and her team take seriously the balance of people, planet, and profit, and the patience it takes to approach business sustainably. Listen today and be inspired by the determination and heart of Meg’s compassionate leadership across multiple sectors.

Podcast Timestamps:

2:10 – The Problem of Period Poverty

5:40 – Origin Story & Working with Nomads in Tibet

14:40 – People, Planet, & Profit

17:30 – Meg’s Story & Living Life Mindfully

29:30 – The Middle Way

Links from the Episode:

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