Shawn Nelson: “Let Me Save You 25 Years”

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Shawn Nelson: "Let Me Save You 25 Years"

Shawn Nelson, founder and CEO of Lovesac, is sharing lessons learned from 25 years of building a $700 Million publicly traded company. Shawn shares insights from his soon to be published book and podcast, “Let Me Save You 25 Years” for accelerating success, significance, and sustainability from a “business operator’s” point of view.

On this episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Shawn highlights:

  • 2:24 – Lessons Learned: Quit or Keep Going
  • 7:47 – Managing Your Ego as a Founder and CEO
  • 10:57 – Books & Authors as Mentors
  • 16:23 – Lovesac’s Culture: LOVE & Conscious Capitalism
  • 24:06 – Evolution to a Unique Mission of Sustainability and the Future of Lovesac
  • 31:55 – Power of Being a Publicly Traded Company

Shawn’s book, “Let Me Save You 25 Years” will be out December 2023 and his podcast breaking down his 25 lessons learned will be out this summer!

Show Notes:

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Let Me Save You 25 Years

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