2023 Cause Conference || Soraya Alexander

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2023 Cause Conference || Soraya Alexander

Soraya Alexander, President of Classy & COO of GoFundMe, is our next guest on Conscious Curiosity SD. Sorya is the Co-Chair of the upcoming 2023 Cause Conference on September 14, 2023, which brings together leaders from business, non-profit, and government sectors with the recognition that we can do so much more together than any of us can do alone.

Soraya gives insight to the unique community culture of San Diego and the opportunity we have to shape something meaningful and be an example for other cities. The Cause Conference is your chance to be part of the conversation!

Listen today to hear Soraya’s story of coming back to her hometown of San Diego and the ways she and her team are “unlocking generosity” in all they do.

Podcast Timestamps:

2:06     A Successful Cause Conference

6:23     San Diego’s Unique Community

13:35   Classy & “Unlocking Generosity”

25:45   Soraya’s Personal Motivation

35:25   Optimism for the Future

Links from the Show:

Soraya Alexander LinkedIn

Cause San Diego

2023 Cause Conference


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