Leading with Science || Dr. Steve Mayfield

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<strong>Leading with Science || Dr. Steve Mayfield</strong>

What happens when the world goes from 3 Billion to 8 Billion people in 60 years with 100x the consumption of goods? According to Dr. Steve Mayfield, this growth is unsustainable and he is doing something about it. The answer: Science. 

Dr. Steve Mayfield, is a Professor of Biology at UCSD and an entrepreneur. Steve is passionate about reframing the mentality of the next generation of scientists as leaders and entrepreneurs to be at the forefront of change in the future. 

Steve’s company Algenesis, is leading the way, making fully biodegradable shoes, surfboards and other consumer products from algae, addressing our very unsustainable consumption of goods. 

Listen today to hear Steve’s personal journey to find meaning and impact through science!

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