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Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Naturally San Diego || Kierstin Rielly

Naturally San Diego is the epitome of a purposeful San Diego business community that is connecting entrepreneurs, investors, brands, retailers and industry experts for one purpose: to make San Diego the BEST place to launch and scale a natural products business.

Kierstin Rielly, Executive Director, shares her journey and the compelling story of Naturally San Diego. With over 230 businesses, 45 sponsors and 500 members, Naturally San Diego is having a significant impact. With an unique model of giving back from some of San Diego’s most successful brands, entrepreneurs are not alone on their journey for creating healthy and sustainable products for our community while creating employee engagement and retention for the supporting companies.

Coming up in the Spring, Naturally San Diego’s flagship event, Pitch Slam, gives natural products entrepreneurs a stage to pitch their companies in a shark-tank-style competition. Five companies compete for a suite of prizes from the local San Diego community to help propel their industry growth. This year’s event is April 27, 2023.

Listen today and be inspired by the work of Naturally San Diego!

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