Ken Ruggiero – How to Successfully Invest in Higher Education

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Ken Ruggiero - How to Successfully Invest in Higher Education

Ken, the Chairman and CEO of Ascent Funding, is taking on the higher education industry’s model for financing a student’s future.  With one out of four Americans with student debt, totaling up to $1.7 Trillion dollars, Ken has a different plan.  A plan that allows every student from all economic and social backgrounds to pursue a higher education that ensures a good return on the time and money invested. 

With annual tuition around $36,000.00 per year for California state schools, parents and students need to have clarity of what to expect and how to manage this investment.  As a true Conscious Leader, Ken has taken a holistic, data driven approach to understand how all stakeholders in the higher education process need to be supported, educated and held accountable.  

If you are a parent or grandparent who have hopes for a higher education for your kids from trade school, community college to four-year programs, it is critical to understand the pitfalls of the current process and to ensure the outcomes you desire.   

Join the conversation and learn from Ken: 

  • The extreme dangers and pitfalls of the current process 
  • How data can help align your child to the right school and appropriate investment  
  • The next best step for your children’s education 

Don’t delegate your child’s future in higher education.  Be informed, manage and own your success by checking out this podcast and learning from Ken’s great insights for, potentially, the most important investment you will ever make. 

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