The Soul of Business – Neville Billimoria

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
The Soul of Business - Neville Billimoria

Neville Billimoria, Senior VP of Membership and Advocacy at Mission Federal Credit Union

Neville’s dream is to change San Diego from “America’s Finest City” to “The Kindest and Most Purposeful Bi-National Region” as we stretch to include our neighbors to the south.

Challenges in belonging as a youth was his catalyst for championing #inclusion and #diversity in all that he does. Neville’s role at Mission Federal Credit Union gives him a platform to bring about his #HigherPurpose and make San Diego a community of inclusion. In teaching eastern philosophies for over 40 years at UCSD, he inspires students to bring the whole self and soul to the capitalist environment. 

Neville believes that business has the capacity to change the world by elevating humanity and actively ponders how we can collectively advance our community through the force multiplier of business to impact the private, public, and social sectors. And San Diego can lead the way! 

It is time to shift our thinking and ways. Join the conversation and learn to tap into who we are as people, leaders, and community members in our latest podcast episode.

Listen here:

Neville’s Soul Food Friday Newsletter: Soul Food Friday


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