The Sharp Legacy with Bill Littlejohn

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
The Sharp Legacy with Bill Littlejohn

Sharp HealthCare’s legacy started in 1955, rooted in a care for the community and a deep commitment to philanthropy that continues today. On this week’s episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Bill Littlejohn, CEO and Senior VP of Sharp HealthCare Foundation, shares his motivation for dedicating his life’s work to philanthropy, stories from Sharp’s history, and paints a compelling vision for the future of healthcare and community leadership in San Diego.

Over the next decade, Sharp is investing $2 billion into this vision. As part of this investment, Bill shares about The Sharp Prebys Innovation and Education Center and its significance as a healthcare and community asset to gather, teach, and connect our community as part of the continued legacy of Sharp.

Podcast Timestamps:

1:57    The Inspiration of Philanthropy

7:18    Facilitating Community Impact

12:33  The Start of Sharp Healthcare in San Diego

30:40  Sharp Prebys Educational Center

35:45  Optimism for the Future of San Diego

43:00  The Big Idea – Be a Learner

Links from the Episode:

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Sharp Prebys Innovation and Education Center

Cause Conference

Jailbreak Leadership

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