Stepping Into the Gap with Dr. Cindy J. Lin

Conscious Curiosity
Stepping Into the Gap with Dr. Cindy J. Lin

What happens when ONE person decides they will make a difference? When that person is Dr. Cindy J. Lin, a WHOLE LOT! On this week’s episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Cindy shares her life long passion for the environment that started with wanting to work at the EPA at 10 years old, to now impacting thousands of companies through her work at Hey Social Good.

Hey Social Good makes sustainability assessment and verification simple, fast, and cost effective for ALL businesses. Cindy and her team believe that the best solution is simply moving forward with everyone doing something.

As another way to inspire and effect social change, Cindy started the San Diego Environmental Film Festival to offer solutions and create impact through film, art, and storytelling. If you want to feel inspired and optimistic about the future of our planet, listen today!

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