Overcoming Adversity with Jennifer Barnes

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Overcoming Adversity with Jennifer Barnes

Jennifer Barnes, CEO and Founder of Optima Office is one of the most successful and recognized women leaders in San Diego. Optima Office was a 2022 winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics and is modeling what it means to lead people over profit. Jennifer has also received a number of other awards including SDBJ 2021 Business Women of the Year Award and Optima Office was voted SDBJ Best Places to Work 2022.

In this in depth conversation, Jennifer provides the details of several defining moments in her career, including when she found herself outside looking in, even in a company she founded.

Jennifer’s tenacity, resilience and confidence always keeps her moving forward.  Besides her natural get it done attitude and extreme extrovertness, each of these challenges brought a new level of depth to her leadership.  In Jennifer’s straight forward style, she provides any leader who desires to build a successful and impactful business, the playbook to success.

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BBB Torch Awards

B Local San Diego

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Jailbreak Leadership

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