Nerd, Entrepreneur, & World-Changer with Jay Buys

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Nerd, Entrepreneur, & World-Changer with Jay Buys

Jay Buys, founder and CEO of Visceral, provides inspiration for those who hesitate to be your best and make a difference. “If you have an idea or a desire to do things differently, just do it.”

On this week’s episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Jay shares how he began his company by literally googling ‘how to start a company.’ Whatever your idea is, someone is probably already out there doing it poorly, very confidently, and charging money for it. We have more access to resources than any other time in human history and the San Diego community is more than willing to help.

Visceral is a Certified B Corporation and part of Business for Good San Diego. They work with clients to deliver branding and digital design for social visionaries out to change the world. Jay’s hope for the future comes from surrounding himself with people who are actively invested in seeing social change. The next generation is looking for businesses infused with the values of Conscious Capitalism and looking for purpose driven organizations.

Listen to this week’s episode to be inspired and energized by Jeff’s conversation with Jay!

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