Celebrating 75 Years of Dr. Bronner’s with Kevin Lee

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Celebrating 75 Years of Dr. Bronner’s with Kevin Lee

Dr. Bronner’s is one of the most iconic companies in San Diego and one of the world’s foremost ethical empires. This year marks their 75th Anniversary with a rich history that goes back 150 years and 5 generations. Dr. Bronner’s “All-One!” message, now carried out by his two grandsons and still found on their products today, continues to drive the company’s values through every aspect of their work.

Kevin Lee, Environmental Health & Sustainability Manager, shares his enthusiasm and energy for Dr. Bronner’s history, impact, and pure joy working for such an impactful company. His enthusiasm is contagious and reinforces the stakeholder value of a business for good.

Dr. Bronner’s is a Certified B Corporation, a Benefit Corporation, a Fair Trade Company and a cornerstone sponsor for Naturally San Diego. They work on the ground with farmers and suppliers practicing Constructive Capitalism, driven by their 6 Cosmic Principles:

  • Ourselves – Work Hard! Grow!
  • Our Customers – Do Right by Customers
  • Our Employees – Treat Employees Like Family
  • Our Suppliers – Be Fair to Suppliers
  • Our Earth – Treat the Earth Like Home
  • Our Community – Fund and Fight for What’s Right

In a culture where profits are the highest priority, Dr. Bronner’s gives away an average of 30% of their annual profits and executives cap their salaries at no more than 5x that of the lowest paid employee. Listen today and be energized and inspired by their story!

“Love is the most radical and practical solution we have for so many of our issues in the world.” – Kevin Lee

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