Native Poppy: From Creative to Operator with Natalie Gill

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Native Poppy: From Creative to Operator with Natalie Gill

On this episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Natalie Gill shares the intriguing and moving story of turning a dream into a successful business. Natalie is the Founder and Co-Owner of Native Poppy, a woman-owned flower shop in San Diego that is sharing love through the power of flowers! 

Over the years, Natalie and her team have navigated numerous unexpected crises, witnessing their community consistently rise to the occasion. At Native Poppy, they embrace the principles of Conscious Capitalism, recognizing a higher purpose in their work and striving toward it every day. Listen today and be inspired by Natalie’s passion to change the way people see flowers.

“You will never regret being kind. Sometimes when you can’t say anything, flowers can do it for you.” – Natalie Gill

Podcast Timestamps:

1:58 – Lessons Learned From Turning a Passion into a Business

6:44 – The Higher Purpose & High Stakes of Native Poppy

13:15 – San Diego Museum of Art Project

15:17 – Hiring the Right People for the Team

20:26 – Surviving Unexpected Crises & Community Help

28:40 – Changing the Way People See Flowers

Links from the Episode:

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