Michael Harth – Leading with Trust

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Michael Harth - Leading with Trust

Michael Harth is one of the original founders of LAZ Parking (the largest private parking company in the US), and is responsible for protecting, nurturing and developing LAZ’s unique culture.  Michael is also the Chairman of Conscious Capitalism San Diego, leading the effort to make San Diego the most conscious city for business in the country.

LAZ parking is a story that begins with three junior high school buddies, now four decades later, guiding LAZ Parking with a laser-focused mission to “Create Opportunities for Our Employees and Value for Our Clients.” Learn how the trust they developed as kids later became the foundation of how they uniquely lead the company and are building a legacy to continue this work into the future. 

Michael shares several amazing stories that demonstrate exactly how a purpose driven organization works and how you too, can embrace your higher purpose, a culture of trust and a model for servant leadership in your business.  

His story of their ability to pivot during Covid should be a case study for all business schools.  As many businesses today are experiencing the big resignation, LAZ with its purpose driven approach has come out stronger, nimbler and positioned for growth in this ever-changing marketplace.

This is a must listen to podcast if you want to create, not only more success but, true significance from the work you do.

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