DeLinda Forsythe – Relationships

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DeLinda Forsythe - Relationships

DeLinda Forsythe is the Founder and CEO of San Diego’s most creative hospitality and office furniture dealership, Innovative Commercial Environments, better known as ICE.  ICE is the only San Diego furniture dealership on the Inc. 5000 list every year since 2013 and the fastest growing dealership in San Diego.  

How did this dancer who joined the circus to kick off her career, manage to successfully build such an impactful company?  As Delinda says, “It is simple – relationships.”  Forced by her circumstances to significantly change her financial situation and to extract herself from the ever-present toxic culture in her industry, she made the bold move to start her own business.

“I maybe the CEO today, but I am really a salesperson.” She demonstrated that fact the first month as an entrepreneur, equaling her annual salary in the first month of business.  With the help of her husband, Tom, and a commitment to do it different, ICE was born.

In her new book, Inspiring Generational Leadership, Delinda steps back to fully understand what was making ICE different and to provide the roadmap for others that desire, not only success, but to create significance for everyone the business touches.   Delinda, like many, discovered she was an unconscious conscious leader!  She had been embracing the tenets of Conscious Capitalism of higher purpose, values and servant leadership without the words but knowing it was the right thing to do.

Be inspired by this leader who thought she was soft, because she leads with kindness, empathy and a generous spirit for others only to find out THIS is the secret sauce to her success.

You can find her book on Amazon: Inspiring Generational Leadership

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