Laura Hall – Making Numbers Glamorous and Sexy

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Laura Hall - Making Numbers Glamorous and Sexy

Laura has spent most of her business career in the fashion industry, helping to steer famous brands like Burberry and as President of Accessories for Polo Ralph Lauren.   She is currently a principle with WHYZ Partners, that focuses on brand strategy and development, product development, omnichannel execution and operational excellence.  

The fashion industry is ranked the “SECOND DIRTIEST INDUSTRY” in the world, behind oil. As a Conscious Leader, Laura is taking her passion for fashion and natural ability with numbers, to lead the change on how the fashion industry and the consumer can come together to have beautiful clothes that are sustainable and socially responsible.  As Laura says:

  • We are what we wear
  • We are what we buy
  • We are DEFINITELY, what we don’t buy

The consumer is now in charge.  The onus is on business and industry leaders to educate the consumer to make good decisions on what we buy and why we buy it.

Laura has fully embraced the Conscious Capitalism Movement, both internationally and locally, here in San Diego.  As a mother and grandmother, she has brought the concepts right into everyone’s living room with her powerful, but simple to understand new book, The ABC’s of Capitalism for Kids.  

This podcast is a great chance to hear from the heart of one our local leaders who plays on the world stage in one of the largest industries in the world.  As Laura says, “Together, we all have a role to play in making this a better world for the next generations to come.”  Enjoy this conversation with this amazing conscious leader.

The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs

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