Helpless to Hopeful: Collaborative Clean Energy with Karin Burns

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Helpless to Hopeful: Collaborative Clean Energy with Karin Burns

Karin Burns is the CEO of San Diego Community Power and is on a mission to address the challenges of global warming with transformational leadership, inclusion, and community collaboration.

On this episode of Conscious Curiosity SD, Karin shares how San Diego Community Power goes beyond a singular focus of providing affordable, clean energy and is committed to re-investing in the community and creating a culture of inclusion for a more sustainable future for the San Diego region.

If you feel helpless to make an impact on our climate, this must-listen episode will give you a hopeful perspective and a practical playbook to make a difference in our community.

Podcast Timestamps:

2:32     The Future of Climate & Community Reinvestment

9:59     SDCP and The Need for Energy Education

19:00   Challenges and Opportunities

23:40   The power of Conscious Capitalism

27:36   Karin’s Defining Moments & the “Big Idea”

Links from the Show:

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San Diego Community Power

Understanding Your Bill

Energy Saving Tips

Jailbreak Leadership

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