Barbara Bry – Life with Many Amazing Chapters

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Barbara Bry - Life with Many Amazing Chapters


Barbara Bry is an important public figure that has significantly impacted the community of San Diego.  She shares her inspiring story which includes serving on the San Diego City Council, experience running for mayor, starting several companies, and as the founder of three thriving organizations that empower women in both business and politics.

Currently, she serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Blackbird Ventures, which invests in early-stage companies and has spent more than 30 years helping to grow the San Diego innovation economy.

She is turning the page one more time in her amazing career running for San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk that manages a $76 million budget and a staff of 415 public servants.

Come be inspired and learn the backstory of the women behind the impact.

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Barbara Bry

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