Anniversary Special – Flipping the Script with Jeff Blanton & Neville Billimoria

Conscious Curiosity
Conscious Curiosity
Anniversary Special - Flipping the Script with Jeff Blanton & Neville Billimoria

The tables are turned to celebrate Conscious Curiosity SD’s One Year Anniversary. On this episode, Flipping the Script, Jeff Blanton, the podcast host and founder of Jailbreak Leadership is interviewed by previous podcast guest, Neville Billimoria. 

In this episode, Jeff shares his journey of finding meaning and purpose in work and how he uses his knowledge and skills to help individuals, teams and companies bring power and passion to the work they do.

With a belief, “Get the people right and the business outcome will take care of itself,” Jeff always led with a focus on people first. The result was successful business outcomes, high performing teams and fulfillment for the participants. Even with this success, Jeff often experienced what he likes to call “Smoldering Discontent” at work. This drove a deep dive into what is behind the significant business problem of lack of meaning for the majority of employees and ultimately to writing the book, Jailbreak Leadership.  

Now in the 4th quarter of his career, Jeff is focused on making a difference in the business community of  San Diego. He has moved from leader to guide for those who desire to create meaning, impact and fulfillment beyond profit.  

Special thanks to Neville Billimoria for interviewing Jeff on our special anniversary episode! We are grateful for each of our inspiring 26 guests and thousands of listeners from 15 countries! Thank you for making this podcast possible. We also want to thank our partners, Conscious Capitalism SD, BBB Pacific Southwest SD Campus, and B-Local SD for their continued support.

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