Jailbreak Assessment

Discovery - Assessment - Recommendation


A third party expert review to understand what is really happening. Engage with key members and stakeholders of the project to discover where the spoken and unspoken issues lie that are causing the performance issues.


Compare data and information collected against foundational best project execution/leadership practices to determine the best course of action.


Receive a written and oral report of the findings with actionable steps for management, the team lead and the project team to get back on track.


Just like successfully running business operations, being a sports champion, or a Chess Master… successfully leading a change project means getting the fundamentals right.  Projects require different skills, tools and processes than the rest of your business.  This is why most companies struggle and there is a 70% failure rate.

The goal of the assessment is simple: understand what is going well and what areas need support.  We provide management with feedback on how to best engage in corrective action and give specific steps for the project manager and the team to realign, rengage and execute.